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New House, New Town, New Car, Who Dis?

November 30, 2018

I'm thrilled to report that my family and I are now residents of Bowdoin, Maine, where the house is large enough for people taller than 5'7". Nobody in my family currently surpasses that altitude, but the time for boyish tallness is swiftly approaching. 


In other great news, I will be moving into my very own studio! This is a bit bittersweet, as I have truly enjoyed and appreciated the guidance of my studio mates, Mary K & Jeff Spencer and Denae Ferguson of the Potter's House in Litchfield. I have been making pottery in their studio ever since my college exodus in 2012, and I am forever grateful for their mentorship, guidance, and forgiveness whenever I spilled glaze all over the floor or used the wrong brush to wax my pots... Yes, these are the things I wake up and think about in the middle of the night, ok... 


My new studio is big, and cold, and empty and not really "mine" yet, so I've decided to make 2019 my year to turn away from production and really establish my own workspace. I'm ready to have some fun exploring ideas that have been floating around in space for a while now. I will keep my instagram updated, and try to plop some words into this blog every now and then to keep my followers (if any) informed. 


I will not have the the time or resources to continue my previous production line, so I'm asking my customers to please bear with me, and I will be so excited to show you all what is to come! There is so much to do, and I can't wait to take the next step in this new adventure. 


(Oh, my car also died and we had to buy a new one. I wish I could say I was excited but I'm mostly just poor). 


Over and out! 


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