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About me

Hello! My name is Whitney Gill, I am an artist residing in the town of Bowdoin, Maine. My ceramic work consists primarily of functional stoneware pottery, designed for both beauty and function. I’ve recently been drawn to techniques of image transfer onto clay, including laser decal transfers, block printing, and stamps. I find that working in other media is often the best method to find new inspiration; printmaking and illustration often lead me into new places in my three dimensional (ceramic) work, and provide a method of merging my love for illustration with functional ware.


I recently moved to Bowdoin, Maine with my family, where I am assembling my first studio! 2019 will be a planning and construction year for me, as I put together this new studio and begin taking on my first steps solo in my own space. I hope site visitors will follow along with me and keep in touch, I will be posting regularly on instagram, as well as my blog when events are coming up. If all goes well, we will begin planning an open studio for the following year! I’m so excited to share this new space with my friends and supporters, and appreciate all of the wonderful mentors and craftspeople who have guided me to this place!

current work

My black-on-black series is a combination of underglaze, saturation metallic glaze on the exterior with wax resist, and a contrasting interior liner glaze. The patterns I create are often derived from botanical inspiration, such as poppies and pods, yams and brussel sprouts, and other voluptuous vegetables. I’ve simplified my drawings to instead focus on repeating patterns, putting more emphasis on the repetition of the continuous shape, rather than a focus on one static detail. At the moment, I hand paint these patterns using wax or underglaze, so they repeat, but still maintain an original nature, complementing the other images rather than repeating them entirely. For the sake of production,

I am curious to find new ways to create this repeating pattern without having to recreate it each time by hand, but there is something I will always love about the hand-drawn nature… You can see and feel each decision the artist made as you use the piece, making it irreplaceable.

In my new space, I plan to continue this body of work in its essence, but use new clay bodies, stains and surface decoration techniques to alter the end result. So far, I’ve only assigned these patterns to functional wares. I’m eager to explore outside these boundaries!